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Adam Lippes and his gorgeous clothing popped up in various locations throughout Spring and Summer 2018. MissyRSVP was on hand to curate luncheons, cocktail hours, and trunk shows in various cities! Bradley Agather Means hosted Adam in Highland Park Village in Dallas with a chic ladies luncheon at Bistro 31 with Taylor Tomasi Hill playing host to her store, TTH. In Houston, a luncheon was hosted (during a rainstorm!) with organic garland floral and twinkling candles, directly across from River Oaks bouqtique, Forty Five Ten. In Napa California, Cindy Rachofsky hosted her friends for a meet and greet with Adam Lippes and cocktails by Casa Dragones featuring “Cindy’s Margarita” and champagne, of course! 


Luncheons, Cocktails, + Trunk Shows 


Napa, Dallas, and Houston, Texas


Spring +

Summer 2018

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